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Renee Falls is a disturbing tale about a strange young man named Simon Fletcher. A gifted artist with the troubling obsession of a beautiful blonde girl occupying most of the space in his mind. The only trouble is that she only exists in his imagination. Hard as he tries, Simon can never bring her to life. Scrawny with four eyes, the sexually deprived virgin wants to break free of his overbearing, religious parents- who were kind but extremely controlling. Then one day, a gorgeous hippie girl moves in next door. She was the mirror image of the girl he had been dreaming about. She also seemed rebellious, unattached to the strict restraints of Catholicism. Learning she was named after his home town, Simon was convinced it was fate that brought them together.

© 2020

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The Devil's Daughters is the story of two sisters who were born in the late eighteen hundredths. They are Siamese twins, and they suffer from large tumors that cover their entire body. The girls grow up in a large mansion as their folks are the wealthiest in town. Their mother, Patricia, is kind and loving. But their father is a coldblooded alcoholic, and he abuses them every chance he gets. Locking them away in the attic because of the way they look, he keeps them chained to the floor. Their names are Agatha and Greta Winters, and they are very intelligent for their age. The dark fairy tale is a constant struggle for them as their mother tries her best to keep them from becoming monsters like their father. He, on the other hand, wants to destroy any chance they have for a normal life. The question is, Will they ever defeat their tyrant father and escape the attic where they are imprisoned?

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